A new Mafia game is officially in development

Image: Hangar 13

The Mafia series is one of the most popular and successful open-world game series of all time. The crime sim takes elements from games like Grand Theft Auto, but separates itself from the competition with its unique American Mafia-movie setting. Fans of the series rejoice, because the development of a new entry in the three-game series has just been announced.

This information comes during the Mafia 20th anniversary developer interview, which celebrates 20 years of the Mafia franchise by discussing a fan-curated list of topics. During this interview, a question answered by a developer confirmed that a brand new Mafia game is currently being worked on by Hangar 13.

I’m happy to confirm we’ve started work on an all-new Mafia project! While it’s a few years away and we can’t share anything more right now, we’re really excited to keep working on this beloved franchise and to entertain our players with new stories.

Hangar 13 are the original developers of the Mafia series. As the interview points out, they started out as a small team and grew through their hard work, drawing in fans with their published works. It is safe to say the new Mafia game couldn’t be in better hands.

The last Mafia game was set in 1968 New Bordeaux, taking the game to a new setting and later time period than its predecessor Mafia II. Following this pattern, it’s possible the new Mafia game might move forward in time and take place in a never before seen location for the series.

It is not currently clear when the new Mafia game will be released, however the language used implies that the game won’t be out for some time. We can expect to see the game release on the current generation of consoles, and more information should be coming out soon now that the game has been confirmed.

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