Ahri visual update shown off in new League of Legends dev post

The lifeblood of League of Legends is the presence of new content and updates always on the horizon. Since its release in 2009, the game has received constant updates. In addition to a patch every two weeks, the roster of League of Legends has evolved from just 17 original champions to 161. with many of the old ones receiving updates to their models or full-on reworks to keep up with the times. Continuing with this practice, Riot gave us a look at the upcoming visual update for one of the game’s most popular champions, Ahri.

Ahri’s ASU has been on the horizon for a while now. Releasing with Arcane at the end of last year, Caitlyn was the smash-hit first release of a new type of League champion update — The Art and Sustainability update, or ASU.

You can view Riot’s dev post here.

The ASU, as Riot Games describes it, is like a much smaller version of a full champion rework, as seen with champions like Swain, Sion, Mordekaiser, and more recently Udyr. Reserved for champions who have a strong, healthy set of abilities but are lacking in the visual department, an ASU is mostly done just to give a champion a new, graphically stunning model to bring them up to a modern visual standard.

Worked on by the skins team, Riot has said that an ASU should be done significantly quicker than a full rework. That being said, it has been over a year since Ahri’s ASU was promised to us in November of 2021. Hopefully, Riot’s next visual update will come faster.

While we’ve received a lot of news about Ahri’s ASU, it isn’t actually finished yet. In their latest dev post, Riot disappointingly announced that we won’t be seeing Ahri’s visual update until early next year. At this point, Riot has managed to finish the much anticipated Udyr rework before the relatively simple Ahri visual update.

Though the wait is disappointing, Ahri’s update is no less visually impressive. Combining aspects from her cinematic portrayals as well as her wild look in the Ruined King game, Riot has done a good job of bringing Ahri’s identity to life in this update.

As we stated above, be on the lookout for Ahri’s visual update early next year. Hopefully, she will be released shortly after the preseason changes in January.

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