Alan Wake Remastered launches on Switch with surprise trailer

Alan Wake Remastered, an update of the classic action-horror game, has suddenly launch on Nintendo Switch alongside a new a trailer. The remaster was previously available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Fans were expecting the Switch port sometime this fall, but it seems the devs decided to quietly sneak onto the Switch instead of building up any marketing.

You can watch today’s Alan Wake launch trailer on Nintendo’s YouTube channel here:

The original Alan Wake from 2010 is a classic action game with elements of psychological horror, which the series would lean into later on. So, the Switch remaster is a timely release, capitalizing on the Halloween season. It isn’t straight-up survival horror, but there’s enough creepiness to fit today’s jump scare launch. The trailer certainly flaunts the more terrifying music and imagery.

The Alan Wake remaster includes all of the original DLC, both The Signal and The Writer. It’s been available on every other major platform for some time now. It released on PC in 2019, and then joined other consoles back in October 2021.

So, fans have been waiting a while to take Alan Wake on the go, as the Nintendo Switch basically continues to dominate the mobile scene.

The main asking price will be $29.99 on the Nintendo eShop, which isn’t that bad. There’s also an ongoing discount right now, so you should pick it up soon if you plan to.

Although the remaster has been out for a year, the improvements are worthwhile, and the DLC adds enough content to justify reinvesting in the game. Sadly, there’s no word on Alan Wake Remastered getting a physical edition, so fans will have to settle for a digital copy.

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