All Hail Temos, an open-world RPG, is launching into early access this Fall

All Hail Temos is a first-person fantasy action RPG in a small, hand-crafted, open fantastical world. From Geoffrey Howland, this game will launch into Early Access this Fall. A playable prologue demo will be available on Steam in early September 2022.

The official announcement trailer for All Hail Temos showcases the unique graphics and art style, first-person combat, and general RPG elements.

In All Hail Temos, you are not the chosen hero. However, you are a hero nonetheless. So, it’s up to you to make your own story by exploring the world around you, talking to people, battling your enemies, and much more.

What’s unique about this game is that there isn’t a “main quest.” Instead, you can choose your objectives in many immersive side quests. You can help solve trade problems, talk to NPCs, or take on dangerous enemies. 

There are also a variety of weapon categories for you to choose from, such as melee, archery, or hand-to-hand combat. 

You can cast magic and use skills like dodging, sneaking, or riding. Your stats and skills will increase the more you use them. You can unlock new abilities by leveling up your skills individually. 

Another exciting feature about this game is that every action you take or dialogue you choose will have consequences and change the world. NPCs act autonomously, so changing critical points about the world may affect them and specific areas. 

In addition, there are multiple endings, and your impact on the world will decide your ending. As you change the world, you’ll also discover that your choices may not yield the same results.

Some of the other key features of All Hail Temos include:

  • Day and night cycles and dynamic weather systems.
  • Deep world-building and lore. 
  • Leveling up and enchanting requires a sacrifice of some sort.
  • Become a Priest of Temos, or pretend that there’s no such thing as magic. 
  • Customize your character’s appearance.
  • Ride all creatures such as dragons, birds, and spiders.

According to the press kit, the regular price for All Hail Temos will be USD 29.99, and the game will launch on PC and Mac. 

Explore a fantasy world with no main quest but endless adventures in All Hail Temos. Be sure to check out our Latest News section for more great content!

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