All the games from Nintendo’s House of Indies event: Day 4

Nintendo continues this week’s holiday event featuring indie showcases. Today’s new video includes Melatonin, Afterimage, Smile for Me and Hyper Gunsport. Tomorrow will be the final showcase from Nintendo’s “Inside the House of Indies”, so be sure to tune in to their YouTube channel at 9 AM pacific time. Here’s the full video from Day 4:


Developer Half Asleep’s clever little rhythm game is available now on PC and the Nintendo Switch, but it only just launched last week. Melatonin shares that signature hand-drawn art style from various serene podcasts, albums, and the like that are intended to help people relax. However, there are some tough challenges, and a hard mode to unlock.

Surprisingly, there’s also a level editor. It may have simple mechanics, but it’s a lot of freedom for such a small game. The surreal premise is neat, the artwork is gorgeous, and there’s plenty of noteworthy content.


Originally expected to launch late this year, a new release date has been set for April 25th, 2023. This fantasy metroidvania does an incredible job of distinguishing itself with its art design, which boasts an unusual level of detail. The environments have a tangible depth that is often missing from the genre, and these layers are often seen in the greatest 2D adventures, such as Inside or Unravel.

Smile for Me

This point-and-click adventure announced earlier today that it would launch on more major consoles in Spring 2023. Nintendo’s showcase doesn’t show anything new, but Smile for Me did deserve the support. Its abstract environments and general strangeness create an aura of mystery and almost feels upsetting. It’s a potent game, with tremendous potential.

Hyper Gunsport

Developer and publisher Necrosoft Games just released Hyper Gunsport today, and hopefully Nintendo’s showcase invites a big audience. It may have a very simple premise, but that’s part of its retro charm. This game looks like it genuinely understands the appeal of old school arcade games. It offers multiplayer, as well as interesting and inclusive roles.

You can read more about Nintendo’s latest updates and other upcoming indies by checking out the rest of our news section!

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