Apex Legends’ 2022 holiday prize tracks and cosmetics leaked

Apex Legends celebrates the holiday season with Winter Express every year, and now fans have gotten a sneak peek at three weeks of upcoming cosmetics thanks to prominent leaker @kralrindo. This includes badges, weapon skins, legend skins, charms, holosprays and apex packs.

Fans were puzzled to find that there were no personalized trackers this season. They typically arrive in full sets, and there are plenty of legends that deserve some fresh trackers for the champion screen. Instead, the prize tracks are mostly composed of battle pass stars and crafting materials, but it’s hard to complain with free prize tracks.

Besides, most of the cosmetics that do show up are cleverly designed, and a few of them show more effort than the new season’s battle pass content. Winter Express always comes with a lot of heavily themed cosmetics, which Respawn tends to excel at, between Halloween and the Holidays.

The penguin, snowman and yeti are playfully fun badges, and the Nessies made a particularly cute impression with their supply bin holo. The alternator skin is a standout, with its aged look creating a vintage vibe that really fits the season. The only legend skin is Gibraltar’s, and it’s fine enough, with neat face paint and icy details.

It’s a little surprising the devs didn’t give Catalyst a holiday outfit, given her magical style. Regardless, she will be a viable part of Winter Express, where the most defensive and aggressive legends play front and center.

Winter Express remains one of the most beloved limited-time modes in the game, thanks to its balanced gameplay and motion. It’s great to see that Winter Express will be returning this year, per tradition, but it remains unclear if there will be any new changes. Previous years added crucial new features and adjusted loadouts, which ended up with a lot of spamming at first.

@kralrindo, a leader in the Apex community, deserves another shoutout here for all their effort. You can read more about Apex Legends’ latest updates and leaks by following our news section.

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