Apex Legends Eclipse launch trailer teases new map and Catalyst’s abilities

Apex Legends has released a brand-new launch trailer today, teasing next season “Eclipse” with some hints about the new map design and how Catalyst’s abilities could behave with fellow legends. It also concluded by confirming a gameplay trailer will release on October 24th, 2022.

You can watch the full Eclipse launch trailer on Apex Legends’ YouTube channel here:

Shortly following Catalyst’s new “Stories From the Outlands episode”, today’s cinematic launch trailer adds an intriguing relationship between Catalyst and Seer with very little dialogue. It also establishes her protective role with Cleo as she rescues civilians. The music and visuals are a little surreal at times, striking the right tone to match her unusual abilities.

It would have been very beneficial for Catalyst’s important emotional journey to coincide with today’s succinct storytelling, too. Catalyst’s representation is meaningful in a lot of ways, and deserves all the recognition it’s gotten.

However, Catalyst’s place in the Apex universe arguably wasn’t innovative enough to match in her SFTO, which retreaded the villainous Hammond oppression. It’s a relief to see how well she fits in with the other characters, now.

The trailer also shows off just how Catalyst’s abilities might be employed, which are truly fascinating. The trailer cleverly selected the best characters to discover them, offering a range of behavioral hints.

Octane has trouble moving through her ferrofluid, Seer’s ultimate won’t be able to penetrate it, and it’s clear that bullets can’t pierce it either. It’s unclear how much damage Catalyst’s ferrofluid will be able to take, and the giant walls are clearly an exaggeration, so the size will surely be more reasonable.

But this trailer was a great sneak peek for the character, and definitely sells her as a viable character. She’s a welcome change of pace, since there’s been way too much overlap over the last few additions. There’s a few glimpses of the new map, as well, which isn’t quite so exciting and mostly resembles previous designs.

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