Apex Legends Fight or Fright event returns on Olympus

A new Apex Legends post has teased all of the upcoming content that fans can expect for this year’s Halloween store. This includes 3 limited-time modes and some returning cosmetics, even classic skins from the game’s very first Halloween celebration.

Thanks to leaker @kralrindo, you can review each cosmetic for yourself in-game with a lengthy video:

Apex Legends thrives on overpriced cosmetics, but there’s no denying that some standout outfits can be worthwhile. This is true for both original designs, and nods to famous IP, such as the “Hugs Please” reference to Alien or Caustic’s Joker-adjacent skin.

As many of the cosmetics will cost over 2,000 Apex Coins (or around $20), you may want to start planning your budget now. If you’ve been saving up your crafting materials, you also have the opportunity to push towards earning more materials. The Battle Pass levels provide new crafting materials.

It’s great to see that the Day of the Dead cosmetics will make a comeback, especially given National Heritage Month for my fellow Mexican players.

Perhaps the biggest shock is that Apex will support three different LTMs, beginning and ending with Shadow Royale. It’ll be interesting to see how Shadow Royale plays on Olympus, which is a significantly larger map with many open areas.

Even more intriguing will be Gun Run in After Dark, since the mode is already chaotic enough. But the Estates area will surely have an appropriately cramped feel, just like Fragment or Skull Town.

Control Mode is also making its big comeback. While flawed, it has been one of the most engaging LTMs, and has the potential to be great with some of the coming changes. Hopefully, the loadouts will be more balanced and prevent spawn spamming. Sadly, Control is only getting one new map, but it is an After Dark version of Labs, which has a very odd layout.

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