Apex Legends leak uncovers new “Archer” RPG weapon

A new leak from reliable Apex Legends source @kralrindo has discovered the new “Archer” weapon in files from the newest collection event. It appears to be a rocket launcher, although @kralrindo isn’t so sure the Archer will actually be incorporated into the game:

The leak has generated a lot of fan speculation about how the weapon could realistically be used in-game. It likely wouldn’t fit into battle royale mode, which mostly tends to reward tactics over brute force.

There have been many rumors about titans from Titanfall being added to a limited-time mode, since Apex Legends is set in the same universe. Titanfall maps have also been rumored to join the game soon, according to the files, so the synergy is already there.

Rocket launchers would definitely be a natural foil to any kind of mech, which would otherwise be very unbalanced in Apex Legends. Players quickly pointed out that a throwing knife has been added as a mode-exclusive weapon for Gun Run, so new exclusives shouldn’t be ruled out completely.

Fans have also suggested that the Archer could simply be stuck in the care package with limited ammunition, if it was going to be a permanent addition. This would hardly be impossible, since the Kraber has already set a high precedent for delivering astronomical damage with a low ammo count.

If you want to have a look at the Archer rocket launcher in action, @kralrindo was kind enough to take some guesses with the features, and add it to the Archer’s animations in-game:

The design looks solid, with an intriguing sight and reload action. It definitely has its own personality, compared to other popular rocket launchers as seen in Halo.

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