Apex Legends Mobile shows off Rhapsody and Battle Pass in new Distortion trailer

Apex Legends Mobile has strangely released a new gameplay trailer on the same day as launch, for its latest season “Distortion”.

While the trailer was expected yesterday, it’s finally been unveiled today, showcasing gameplay in the new map and Kings Canyon:

Apex Legends Mobile also released a launch trailer just a few days ago, which had some big reveals for Rhapsody and the new map Pythas Block 0. You can check out the first trailer here:

It’s really counterintuitive to market a new season the same day fans can simply access it, but new players will at least get a better idea of what to expect.

To begin with, the trailer shows off some more footage of potential Rhapsody content, set to a traditional modern rap beat. This includes what is likely Rhapsody’s character select animation, as well as her holographic wall again.

Most notably, the latter half of the trailer shows off some really creative Rhapsody finishers. One of the animations has Rhapsody autograph her kill, with the voice line “is this supposed to be hard?”

Finishers aren’t just a power move in-game, but also restore shields and prevent enemies from pinging your location. They can be pretty flashy though, and it’s one of the few ways to truly see your legend’s full cosmetics in this first-person shooter.

Little more of Pythas was seen, aside from a fun arcade area. Instead, the trailer focuses on King’s Canyon, which will have a novel appeal for new mobile players and nostalgia for fans of the core game. Rhapsody’s town takeover is confirmed to be a recolor of Mirage’s party boat.

The cosmetics don’t look like much, with very simplistic designs for the few weapons revealed in the trailer. The mozambique may be something of a joke, but it deserves better skins, since its range can be greatly underestimated.

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