Apex Legends Mobile teases Ash and Coliseum in Season 3 trailer

Apex Legends Mobile has released a new cinematic trailer for next week’s Season 3 update, titled “Champions”. The trailer teases the addition of Ash to the roster, and the upcoming point of interest “Coliseum”, due to release on October 18th, 2022.

You can watch the full Champions trailer on Apex Legends Mobile’s YouTube channel here:

Apex Legends Mobile has consistently outperformed its console counterpart, with regards to both quality of life and content updates. The cinematic touched on lore, understands the appeal of the characters, and has great action sequences.

It also confirmed popular rumors about the highly anticipated Coliseum area. All map changes are good, providing new ways for players to strategize, since learning your environments is a key path to victory in any shooter.

However, the Coliseum POI may not generate quite as much hype as previous updates, such as Rhapsody’s big entrance. The Coliseum is more or less an elaboration on the core game’s Fight Night update, and today’s trailer even features Pathfinder stepping into the ring again.

It is definitely neat that the Coliseum floats like a supply ship. This should help it function a little better than Fight Night, which quickly lost everyone’s interest shortly after launching, even if it does offer some decent rotation opportunities.

Coliseum has the chance to operate more like the original Kings Canyon’s “Thunderdome”, which similarly held a cage in the air that was connected by ziplines, and it was a fan favorite landing zone.

Ash’s kit will make her a great addition to the mobile game. However, it’ll be interesting to see how the devs will get her ultimate to work effectively. Even in the console game, Ash’s portal can be a little tricky to position on the desired destination.

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