Apex Legends officially announces anime Gaiden Event

Apex Legends leaks may have revealed all of the hero anime cosmetics some time ago, but the devs have finally released an official post that includes upcoming store discounts and a new prize track.

Here’s the tweet from Apex Legends’ feed, which was strangely deleted and reposted, changing a broken video into a simple thumbnail:

The promo art definitely captures the genre’s artwork well enough, although putting Mirage and Wattson right next to each other is just another reminder that many of the cosmetic references are misplaced.

Mirage undoubtedly deserved the Naruto reference, since making false copies of yourself is literally in Naruto’s pilot. Also, fans have noticed that Octane’s hat has been adjusted, which was probably to avoid copyright problems.

Gaiden Event details and breakdown

Armed and Dangerous will return to Apex Legends during the event, which begins on July 19th. The LTM is simply shotty snipers, and it’ll be available on World’s Edge, Olympus, and Storm Point.

Each week, players will have the chance to climb a new prize track, which includes much better rewards than usual. Between July 19th and the 26th, fans can earn a “Bionic Buddy” weapon charm, “Cloudburst” 3030 skin, and Fuse’s new “Down Thunder” skin.

The second week will then last until August 2nd, and players have the opportunity to win a Gaiden Event Pack at the very end.

So, if you’re holding out for one cosmetic in particular, you may want to wait and see what you get before investing Apex Coins. Event Packs are unusually expensive, many times more than a traditional Apex Pack.

All of the leaked cosmetics will appear, including Bangalore’s prestige skin. But now fans have gotten a look at the corresponding banner frames, each of which also reference the anime influences. For example, Revenant’s Evangelion skin comes with a cockpit banner.

Both weeks will also have Special Offers in the store. These include the Gibraltron and Galactic Guardian bundles, which line up with the recent kaiju event.

Seer will also get a lot of attention in the second week, despite making a lot of news lately. And Pathfinder’s divisive chameleon outfit comes back, too.

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