Apex Legends players lose Tap Strafing with no explanation

Apex Legends players were suddenly blindsided today when the ability to “Tap Strafe” was severely nerfed. It’s been a divisive topic among both the fans and devs. Tap Strafing allows mouse and key players to spin mid-air, to capitalize on movement during combat.

Many popular Apex Legends leakers have provided in-game proof that the movement is no longer functioning properly, including @SomeoneWhoLeaks and @kralrindo:

Feedback from the players was equally divided as always. Even professional eSports player @ImperialHal, of TSM FTX fame, quickly responded to the situation. Mouse and Key players are aggravated that a legitimate technique has been disrupted. Meanwhile, console players are relieved that they can’t get outmaneuvered so easily.

Movement is key in Apex Legends, which is natural as a spinoff from Titanfall. In fact, movement is one of the biggest highlights of the game. Few shooters feel as smooth as Apex Legends, and Tap Strafing has become as natural as sliding for momentum.

It remains uncertain if the devs patched this change in deliberately, or if it’s simply a bug. With no official statement from Respawn, it’s very likely that this is simply a temporary bug that will be cleaned up soon. There have been many opportunities to remove Tap Strafing, and it hasn’t happened yet.

However, the change has only reduced the degrees of Tap Strafing. This suggests that there’s still a slim chance that the devs are simply testing the waters. This way, they can gauge the playerbase’s reaction before committing to a serious announcement or patch.

Without the ALGS tying Respawn to existing rules, and the brand-new Season 14 still in its infancy, such a move would add up. For now, players will simply have to be patient, and wait for something concrete.

Apex Legends Mobile just announced a new cosmetic set hours ago, and no sudden changes have been reported for that title yet:

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