Apex Legends releases Season 14 “Hunted” trailer

Apex Legends finally gave fans their first official look at gameplay from the upcoming season “Hunted” in a brand-new trailer, which teased fans with Vantage, Battle Pass cosmetics, and more.

Here’s the official reveal from the game’s YouTube channel, which includes the August 9th launch date:

The trailer was preceded by a short video from Kings Canyon, seeming to put all the familiar faces in Vantage’s crosshairs. This actually confirmed that Vantage’s sniper rifle will have multiple

The trailer finally began with some fresh views of Kings Canyon’s “reforged” layout, as well as some fun voice lines and gameplay from Vantage.

This included a couple of fun emotes, as well as a surprise ability to boost high into the air. Movement legends are almost guaranteed to become popular, so she might just have a decent effect on the meta of both professional and casual players alike.

The fans also got some views of the upcoming Battle Pass skins for several characters, including Caustic, Wattson, and Horizon. They were all very green, and finally confirmed many of the safari-themed cosmetics that were leaked back in June.

One of the most exciting announcements from the trailer was the Level Cap Increase, which will give players an easier path to Heirloom Shards. Leveling up allows players to earn Apex Packs, and the previous cap was 500.

This move is a welcome surprise, since the devs have no real incentive to make that any easier, and their approach to cosmetics has been a successful campaign for astronomical prices.

Leveling up can also earn Legend Tokens, but longtime players have no use for those anymore. They can only be used to unlock legends, which are few and far between, or re-rolling challenges. Some kind of conversion for this currency would make a big difference.

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