Apex Legends reveals Battle Pass trailer for new season “Hunted”

Apex Legends fans got around two minutes of actual gameplay in addition to some big updates for next season’s battle pass in a new trailer, including upcoming survival-themed cosmetics and challenges.

You can watch the full battle pass trailer on Apex Legends’ official YouTube channel here:

The trailer naturally focuses on several of the big cosmetic rewards for purchasing a premium battle pass next season, which is scheduled to launch tomorrow, August 9th, 2022.

The first look included some very fun voice lines from the latest newcomer “Vantage”, and to many fans’ relief, the performance is very enjoyable. Her voice lines reinforce the hunting and survival themes of Season 14. It arrives just in time for everyone who loved Prey (there’s a Commanche dub on Hulu too).

First, the new battle pass trailer shows off Caustic’s “Field Research” outfit, as well as Wraith’s “Veteran Voyager” skin and her “Lucky Draw” Wingman skin. These skins will likely be available right away, in the first tier of the premium battle pass, which usually includes the most featured skins.

There’s also a full view of the completion badge for the season, which is a little underwhelming compared to previous badges. But later on, there’s also a glimpse of the Triple Take’s upcoming “Fortune Hunter” reactive skin.

Some new trackers and holosprays also showed up, and these were somewhat disappointing too. Wattson’s “Time to Strike” spray doesn’t really fit the character, although Vantage’s new skydive emote looks like fun.

Anything that involves the sidekicks is usually a winner, from D.O.C. to N.E.W.T, and even Pathfinder’s tussle with a raven. The trailer concludes with a look at one of Vantage’s finishers, which is simple enough, but also satisfying thanks to all of Echo’s animation.

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