Apex Legends reveals new season “Eclipse” gameplay trailer

Apex Legends’ latest trailer for next week’s upcoming season has revealed some key points of interest and features on the new map “Broken Moon”, as well as how some of Catalyst’s abilities will look and function in-game. Eclipse is scheduled to launch on a Tuesday as usual, November 1st, 2022. You can watch the full trailer on Apex Legends’ YouTube channel here:

The new map has finally shown off enough of its flavor to compare with previous maps, and it appears to be sort of a combination of existing elements.

The map more or less resembles the Cleo shown in the last couple of teasers, and it doesn’t actually expand into new territory, which is a bit disappointing after Storm Point swung for the fences.

Of course, Storm Point was a bit controversial, so perhaps the devs aimed for something a little safer. The lines of sight, open areas and clustered buildings seem to combine ideas that worked in King’s Canyon and World’s Edge. Although the terrain will certainly be new, the Hammond and general structures are all very familiar.

Still, there will now be interesting rail lines that operate like zip lines, only they can curve through the air and create intriguing shapes. This is definitely a highlight of the map, since zip lines often spell certain death.

The new trailer also elaborates on Catalyst’s abilities, and though she starts on a ferrofluid throne (which is brilliant), it doesn’t really show more about her ult than the recent launch trailer. Fans are hoping it has the ability to cancel wall hacks, which would create a serious threat.

The trailer hints that Catalyst’s ferrofluid can reinforce a door to take around four kicks, which would be twice the amount of health. This could theoretically be equal for other reinforced objects.

There’s also a glimpse of Catalyst’s tactical, which seems to work a lot like an Ash snare, though it’s probably more permanent. Catalyst is genuinely shaping up to potentially enter the meta, which would be fascinating to see in the eSports scene.

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