Apex Legends reveals Vantage and more in new “Hunted” cinematic trailer

Apex Legends has officially teased its upcoming season with a brand-new trailer, featuring “Vantage”, the next addition to the legend roster.

You can watch the full trailer on Apex Legends’ official YouTube channel here:

The Season 14 trailer had a hilarious pre-show, where two random characters viewing an upcoming match discuss taking bets on the winners and losers. Mirage is said to go down first, while Fuse could win, and the dialogue is pretty reminiscent of something like Red vs. Blue or Auralnauts.

Hunted Trailer reveals and breakdown

Fans immediately got a glimpse of the long-awaited return of Skull Town, as well as the new legend Vantage, a younger character who Fuse forms a protective relationship for.

Vantage also gets a few scenes with her incarcerated mother, which gives the new legend an official motivation for competing in the Apex games.

It seems that Vantage is aiming to free her mom, strongly believes in teamwork, has remarkable aim, and always follows her mother’s advice (or Obi-Wan’s) about finding the high ground.

Sadly, the trailer doesn’t have any gameplay footage. So, it doesn’t confirm previous leaks about an upcoming “Hunter Safari” event, where @SomeoneWhoLeaks managed to show off a Horizon-themed bundle. Instead, the trailer is more like the mobile counterpart’s introduction to Rhapsody.

Fortunately, the “Hunted” trailer does promise an official gameplay trailer on August 1st, 2022, alongside the tagline “discover the will to survive”. And fans did get a glimpse of Vantage’s abilities, where her weapon can (surprise) wall hack in the right circumstances.

Hopefully, there’ll be a better indication of how the game will justify the return of Skull Town, and how that may play into balancing Kings Canyon for ranked gameplay. After all, even World’s Edge can begin to feel too small for good pacing.

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