Apex Legends trailer reveals Eclipse battle pass cosmetics

Apex Legends has teased some upcoming cosmetics for next season “Eclipse”, one of the biggest updates in some time that will introduce both a new Legend and a new map. The trailer features legendary skins for Revenant and Ash, as well as emotes, weapon skins and more. You can watch the full trailer on Apex Legends’ YouTube channel:

Strangely, the trailer begins with a couple of Twilight references with “dawn breaks” and “new moon”, so let’s hope that’s accidental or a tongue-in-cheek nod for Halloween. Aside from the frivolous, this battle pass is looking promising, with legendaries focusing on two beloved bots instead of the usual suspect Wraith.

As usual, the art design for Revenant’s cosmetics continues to be a highlight of the game’s market. They are often the most creative, elaborate, and distinguishable cosmetics. That makes a big difference, since skins are still shamelessly overpriced in Apex Legends. Here, Revenant is unusually classy, though the top hat also makes him feel a little like the Babadook.

Ash’s legendary Imperial Assailant outfit is fine, with an intriguing face and accent colors. But most of it is neutral gray, and doesn’t stand out amongst her more popular skins.

It’s a little surprising that Catalyst is presented as a witch in this trailer, but it’s definitely an appealing approach, and a fun way to leave October. Wraith may already have a wicked witch cosmetic, but Catalyst’s style opens up the door to something unique, and fans are already pining for Scarlet Witch references. It isn’t beyond reason, given the anime and kaiju themes of late.

Emoting is one of the few ways you can make the most of your cosmetics, so it’s nice to see the upcoming set is pretty fun. While most are a little simplistic, such as Catalyst’s disappointing skydive, Ash’s meditation is really neat and will definitely be a hit.

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