Apex Legends trailer reveals new legend Catalyst, teases Season 15 “Eclipse”

Apex Legends has just released a new “Story from the Outlands” cinematic trailer, including the backstory and art design for upcoming legend Catalyst. It also provided fans a premiere date for next season’s launch trailer, October 20th, 2022, with the tagline “conjure your inner strength”.

You can watch the full trailer on Apex Legends’ YouTube channel here:

The latest SFTO “Last Hope” has received some pretty mixed feedback. The acting and action are decent enough, and the dialogue with Rampart sparkles.

But Catalyst’s origin just feels a bit redundant, compared to previous legend backstories. It’s disappointing for the introduction of such a unique legend, whose ability to control ferrofluid should have invited something equally strange.

Usually, it’s the abilities themselves that are redundant, such as the long stretch of wall-hacks introduced over the last few seasons. There wasn’t any footage of Catalyst actually using her powers, but this week’s upcoming launch trailer should. Building in Apex has drawn some backlash from fans, comparing it to Fortnite, but the ferrofluid should also invite a lot of creativity.

Either way, it is great that Apex Legends continues to reinforce its unique volume of representation. It’s unclear if Catalyst got her powers from the explosion at the end, but it could be interesting if her abilities were actually caused by someone Catalyst cares about.

Fans also got an idea of the art design to expect from next season’s new map, based on Boreas. The exotic setting has potential, and new maps are always a thrill in the BR genre, which especially rewards players for learning and mastering their environment.

According to an official blog post, Apex Legends also announced it will be adding a Gifting mechanism with the launch of Eclipse on November 1st, 2022. Players above level 10 will be able to gift each other up to 5 times every day.

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