As Dusk Falls reveals key multiplayer and accessibility features

The upcoming, interactive crime drama As Dusk Falls has just released more information about how multiplayer and accessibility features will work in-game.

Here’s the official announcement from Xbox Wire, since the game will be available at launch on Game Pass:

While there has been a boom in 3D interactive games lately, As Dusk Falls has the approach of a motion graphic novel, focusing on drama instead of the widely popular horror genre.

The devs recently revealed their official gameplay trailer at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase last month. You can review the full trailer on YouTube for a clearer impression of the game’s unique art design:

Gameplay features breakdown

First, the new blog post explains the upcoming multiplayer mechanics. As Dusk Falls will provide local or online co-op for up to 8 players.

It also supports cross-platform gameplay, but players won’t have access to online matchmaking. Still, if you want, you can use a Broadcast Mode to integrate your Twitch chat.

A lot of the fun of decision-making games is exploring the narrative with a group of friends, which is one of the reasons games like The Quarry recently blew up.

Allowing such a large group of fans to vote for each decision in As Dusk Falls will definitely provide some intrigue. All players will get the same POV, and they’ll have equally weighted votes, so ties are randomly decided.

Similar to Jackbox games, players can use a companion app to participate with the game. This includes either voting for decisions or completing quick time events.

As Dusk Falls is a narrative experience, so its accessibility features are a crucial and welcome addition. There’ll be a variety of Text To Speech settings such as narration for the menu and gameplay, as well as a Speech to Text feature.

The game will also offer various On-Screen UI options for colors, backgrounds and more. Gameplay Adaptations give control over the timers, and the subtitles or cursor can be extensively adjusted. Review the blog post for a full list of these features.

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