Assassin’s Creed Valhalla announces Tombs of the Fallen Pack 2

Assassin’s Creed fans were treated to the reveal of some new DLC, a follow-up to the “Tombs of the Fallen” pack that released back in November of 2021. A launch date hasn’t been confirmed, but it will be “coming soon” according to today’s official announcement from the Assassin’s Creed Twitter feed:

Ubisoft just couldn’t stay away from tombs, after their brilliant reboot of Tomb Raider. Back in 2021, the original Tombs of the Fallen DLC allowed players to explore some Isu vaults.

The tombs are naturally filled with puzzles and traps, and although some fans remained skeptical, the new content was predominantly met with praise. It was mostly superior to similar concepts in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which included simpler elements such as hidden snakes, spiky floor tiles, and walls to move.

Although Ubisoft’s Tomb Raider games could stand to add a few more actual tombs, the puzzles they actually put effort into are genuinely creative and fun. It would be great to see how the new Tombs of the Fallen pack evolves, hopefully elaborating on what worked in the previous DLC (and perhaps fixing a flaw or two).

Still, more than a few fans are unhappy that Creed isn’t moving in another direction, the devs have hardly been distracted with this. It’s nearly been a year since the last one.

And unfortunately, the devs are probably looking forward to Mirage at this point instead of expanding Valhalla, so it’s lucky to get this content at all. In fact, Ubisoft announced more than a few titles earlier this month.

Still, Valhalla has gotten some very unique updates over time, like “The Forgotten Saga” and other free updates that really gave the game legs. It would always be nice to see even more content, and there’s still hope, since the devs continue to add simple patches like this:

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