Basketball Arena Hack – Free Cheats Tool Android & iOS 2022

We have fantastic news for all the fans of the Basketball Arena game! Today, we’ll show you the very straightforward way to acquire free diamonds that work for both iOS and Android. Now, you’re probably wondering what’s the catch. Well, there is no catch, by using our Basketball Arena hack you’ll be able to get unlimited free diamonds without having to spend a cent. If this sounds too good to be true, keep reading and we’ll prove you wrong.

Basketball Arena Cheats – Free Diamonds Generator


Get Free Diamonds!


How to Use Basketball Arena Hack?

All right, so let’s show you how to hack a Basketball Arena, and in just a few steps, obtain an unlimited number of diamonds.

Basketball Arena cheats generator for free diamonds

To begin using Basketball Arena Cheats, click on the button above!

Choose the number of free diamonds you want and click “generate”. Enter you’re in-game username and select between iOS and Android.
Verify that you are not a robot by downloading a free game or filling out a free survey. Finally, refresh the game and you’ll see the number of diamonds you have typed before on your account right away.

Basketball Arena hack proof

About the Game

But before we show you how to hack Basketball Arena, let’s tell a couple of things about the game for those people who never had an opportunity to play it before. In this sports game where you’re controlling the bobble-headed players, you can play against your friends or people from around the world. In Basketball Arena, there are game modes such as slam dunks or 3-point shots, for non-stop entertainment.

Speaking of graphics, they are stylized as a cartoon, but the overall quality of graphics and animations is excellent. Players can advance in their basketball careers, become superstars, and climb to the top of the leaderboard by competing with other players. Essentially, players start with small teams and over time they can upgrade them with new players.

There are daily missions included with huge rewards for completion, and there are many courts, coaches and other characters to be unlocked. With that being said, just like many free-to-play games, Basketball Arena has a premium currency called diamonds which is used for purchasing in-game items and enhancing the gameplay. To find out how to hack the Basketball Arena, you can either follow the steps we’ll show you below or watch the tutorial video that we prepared for our readers. Without further ado, we’ll show you how to get unlimited diamonds completely free of charge, and in a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to purchase any items from the in-game store.

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