Bayonetta 3 reveals new trailer and 2022 launch date

The classic hack and slash series Bayonetta has just unveiled a new trailer featuring cinematics, actual gameplay and an official release date for October 28th, 2022.

You can watch the full trailer, which surprisingly runs three minutes long, on Nintendo UK’s YouTube channel here:

The last time fans saw Bayonetta was in 2014, and the original goes all the way back to 2009. So, it’s a welcome surprise to finally get some clearer details on part three, which will be a direct sequel.

In this action series, players take on the role of a witch in Europe with all kinds of magical abilities and weapons. The movement and combat systems were truly exceptional, so it’ll be fun to see how that evolves in the next installment.

Trailer breakdown and details

The trailer begins by showing off a mysterious new enemy that’s part human, as opposed to the typical angels or demons. Unfortunately, the narration and trailer go on to spoil the mystery by explaining what they are flat out.

The new threats are manmade bioweapons that could destroy reality, and players must pursue a scientist that can stop them. While these spoilers could excite longtime fans, it may be a little soon to be sharing all of the best upcoming content.

The brief opening is quickly followed by a mesmerizing boss battle, where players conjure up butterfly wings and various new limbs to attack with.

Next, players can ride a giant spider, and a dazzling chase scene straight out of Uncharted ensues. Hopefully, there won’t be troublesome quick time events, or at least players will get functional ones.

Either way, the art design is absolutely spectacular, with decent visuals that certainly live up to the precedent set by previous installments in the series.

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