Beacon Pines gets official release date in new trailer

Beacon Pines, an indie adventure and mystery game, just released a brand-new trailer revealing gameplay and an official release date for September 22nd, 2022. Beacon Pines will launch on Xbox One and Windows, and it’ll also be available for Game Pass subscribers.

You can watch the full Beacon Pines launch date trailer on Xbox’s YouTube channel here:

Beacon Pines was developed by Hiding Spot Games, which is based in Texas but includes team members from “around the globe”, according to their official site. The team has a history of creating cute and colorful adventures, such as Ephemerid and Flipping Legend.

Music has played a large role in their games, and that trend continues for Beacon Pines in its new trailer. It effectively recreates the slight edge of old school fairy tales, which strangely blended fantasy with grit.

The art design also looks fantastic, and it feels similar to Gravity Falls in its ability to blend friendly charm with a small hint of Twin Peaks.

Beacon Pines is centered around a storybook, where players are both the reader and the protagonist of the story. You’ll have to investigate strange events as the storybook’s hero “Luka”, while the reader interacts with “The Chronicle”, an interactive story tree.

Both Luka and the reader can change the course of the story by unlocking charms and exploring a variety of different events. Unfolding different outcomes to determine the overall mystery is a very clever mechanic, and it should definitely add to the experience of unraveling a mystery.

The meta world of the reader and storybook is also a fun and smart approach to the narrative genre, and is sure to please fans of the narrative genre while inviting new kinds of players.

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