Before We Leave has finally joined Nintendo Switch

Before We Leave originally released on PC alone back in May 2020, but it’s finally been ported to the Switch, and Nintendo celebrated the addition with a gameplay trailer.

You can watch today’s new launch trailer on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel here:

It has been a long journey for Before We Leave to arrive on consoles, slowly rolling out onto the Xbox and PlayStation in November 2021 and April this year, respectively.

The city-building game had a strange order of release, since it’s probably more fitted with the mobile gaming a Switch offers. And although it would have been perfect for the Xbox Game Pass, it’s also accurately billed as a cozy game instead of the competitive titles Xbox is known for.

Many fans were quick to notice similarities between Before We Leave and other titles in the genre, such as Civilization or even Minecraft. However, the art design is closer to a tabletop experience, even imitating the hexagon pieces of old school games like Catan.

The launch trailer shows off a variety of potential environments, structures and farms that encourage fans to play strategically. But the aesthetic is very cute, including the traffic of humans busily running around, referred to as “Peeps” (an amusingly dated term).

The description for the trailer adds that players can move beyond the lands themselves, and even explore space, though it’s filled with dangerous Space Whales.

The game is developed by Team 17, a British developer and publisher that’s best known for working on the Overcooked and Worms series.

So, Team 17 has a long history of creating addictive little indie games. Even if Before We Leave isn’t quite so revolutionary or creative, it’s definitely an enjoyable addition to the genre, and has just as much artistic charm.

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