BioShock getting Netflix movie adaptation from Francis Lawrence, Michael Green

Bioshock is officially going to be adapted into a Netflix original movie with director Francis Lawrence and writer Michael Green officially attached to develop the screenplay.

Here’s the big update from Netflix’s official Twitter feed, which also mentions of a few of the notable projects from Lawrence and Green:

BioShock is a truly beloved series that began in 2007, with a nearly unparalleled sense of foreboding atmosphere. The underwater setting, corresponding enemy designs, and survival horror elements blend perfectly with first-person shooter gameplay. BioShock needs no introduction, and it has established a remarkable and timeless mythology.

Still, video game adaptations are notorious failures. Many of them refuse to follow any established lore or characterization, instead relying on the IP to tell an original story.

While this could be because the studios fear disappointing the fanbase, they are the target audience, since casual viewers are less likely to invest time and money in something so niche.

For example, the latest Resident Evil series has basically pleased no one. And the recent Monster Hunter adaptation spent almost no time in the established worlds, which were teeming with culture and life.

However, both Francis Lawrence and Michael Green have experience successfully adapting an existing universe. They have expertly balanced respect with innovation across multiple projects. Catching Fire was almost unanimously considered superior to its predecessor, and it’s really hard to imagine a sequel to the iconic Blade Runner turning out any better.

Best of all, both Lawrence and Green tell patient, character-driven stories that have big genre elements or ideas. Lawrence’s horror imagery in I Am Legend, such as the flashlight scene, would be the perfect tone for something like BioShock. And the moral conundrums that the game forces players into are a perfect fit for Green’s realistic, engaging dialogue.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, given the vast library of failed game adaptations, BioShock’s movie has suddenly exploded with some of the most potential in the genre. And with a Netflix budget, it should also prevent the typical studio demands for bloated CGI sequences.

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