Blox Fruits Update 17 Part 3 Log and Patch Notes

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The third part of Update 17 for Roblox Blox Fruits has released into player’s hands! This the final part of this major update, so there’s plenty to do and collect. If you’re wondering about all of the things that were added in this release, we have all of the official patch notes listed below!

Be sure to check out our Blox Fruits Codes page for all the new free stuff you can get in the update. You can find the official patch notes below for the update, which were released on the official Blox Fruits Discord.

Blox Fruits Update 17 Part 3 Log

  • Increased Level Capacity to 2400.
  • Added Chocolate Island.
  • Added a new raid boss.
  • Added a new mythical fruit: Leopard.
  • Added a new fruit awakening: Dough.
  • Added a new mythical gun.
  • Added a new mythical sword.
  • Added a new fighting style: God Human.
  • Added 2 new accessories.
  • Items expansion:
    • Item inventory:
      • You no longer have to talk to Inventory NPCs to change items, this can now be done through a menu button.
      • All items have received proper descriptions and other stats.
    • New item types:
      • Permanent Fruits/Stats Refund: They can now be stored into your inventory and traded to other players, pretty much like Dark Blade and other Robux items.
      • Materials: Can be used to upgrade and craft certain items.
    • Upgradable items:
      • Items can now be upgraded, which increases their base stats and unlocks modifier slots.
      • To upgrade items, you must loot materials (“valuables”) from enemies, bosses, map spawns, etc.
    • Item categories reworked:
      • Treasures: Anything consumable or highly valuable, such as Fruits, Game Passes, Scrolls, Stat Refunds, etc.
      • Valuables: Items you can use to upgrade your weapons, activate certain map events, etc.
    • More unique items will be coming in the future.
  • Titles expansion:
    • Players will now display their titles above their character instead of only the chat.
    • Colorless titles now have unlockable pastel colors. Special colors are still exclusive to rare titles.
  • Immersion upgrade:
    • Most animations and effects have been upgraded.
    • Improved the sea visuals and boat physics.
    • Footstep sounds have been added.
    • Improved the atmosphere on Sea 1 and 2.
  • Added Race Awakenings:
    • Fill up your awakening meter during the heat of a battle.
    • When your meter is full, you can activate a unique awakening exclusive to each race.
    • Benefits:
      • Since awakenings only grant offensive buffs, long battles will end faster.
      • All awakenings will make your opponent unable to get away. It’s either fight or die.
      • Teamers will become less of an issue, since the person at a disadvantage will be the first one to activate their awakening.
  • A lot of fruits, fighting styles and weapons have been remade or reworked:
    • Reworked Dark V1.
    • Reworked Ice V1.
    • Reworked Electric.
    • Reworked Water Kung Fu.
    • Reworked Dark Step.
    • Reworked Dragon Breath.
    • Reworked Flame V1.
    • Reworked Flame V2.
    • Reworked Spring.
    • Reworked Chop
    • Reworked Quake V1.
    • Reworked Bomb.
    • Reworked Spike.
    • Reworked Gravity.
    • Reworked Ice V1.
    • Reworked Ice V2.
    • Reworked Light V1.
    • Reworked Light V2.
    • Reworked Buddha V1.
    • Reworked Phoenix V1.
    • Reworked Smoke.
    • Reworked Sand V1.
    • Reworked Rubber.
    • Reworked Magma V1.
    • Reworked Buddha V1 X move.
    • Upgraded the animations of a few other tools.
  • Revamped all fruit reflexes.
  • Revamped dashes.
  • Close Combat Rework Part 1:
    • Completely remade all the character animations for every fighting style and weapon.
  • Spawn Point rework:
    • Players will now automatically respawn at their last location. This is so you don’t forget to set your spawn at new islands.
    • Additionally, you can now set a “Home Point” at important locations, such as Café or Mansion. You can return there at anytime by pressing a screen button.


  • Improved the experience for mobile players by fixing many bugs and adding optimizations.
  • Improved enemy indicators during raids.
  • Improved shiftlock.
  • Fast Mode now decreases the resolution of certain textures.
  • Fixed a glitch with Agility which gave you infinite speed.


  • Changed how Soul works:
    • The size of X now scales with the blue bar.
    • The damage of C now scales with the red bar.
    • Nerfed base stats of both moves.
  • Rebalanced dashes and run speed on all the races. The speed gap between Mink and other races shouldn’t be that huge anymore.
  • Character gravity now slowly increases the further away you are from the ground, to avoid sky camping.


  • Added a new hotbar which supports extra slots for mobile.
  • Dashes now become slightly shorter in Safe Zones.
  • Improved menu notifiers.
  • This list is missing many other changes that weren’t logged.

Those are all of the details from the Update 17 Part 3 patch for Roblox Blox Fruits. We have all sorts of coverage on the game in the Blox Fruits section of our website!

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