Bravery and Greed release date trailer announces November launch

Bravery and Greed, an upcoming co-op and multiplayer dungeon brawler, has officially revealed that it will launch on November 15th, 2022. The roguelite indie will be available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, with no word on any next-gen ports.

You can watch today’s new release date trailer with gameplay on publisher Team17’s YouTube channel:

Most trailers will adamantly reserve their release date confirmation until the very end, but Bravery and Greed has shown a lot of confidence putting it right up front. The new gameplay elaborates on some of the mechanics and systems that were previously revealed, but it does show off a few new features.

Many of the key features are very familiar RPG basics, such as the Tarot card system, and other tools that players can use to freely customize their role. The trailer does tease that areas in the game are “ever-changing”, but this seems to refer to the contents within, rather than the map design itself.

Bravery and Greed was announced last July, and although the gameplay continues to show a surprising level of flexibility (especially for an indie title), it still doesn’t seem to have quite enough personality. A game shouldn’t be blamed for the fundamentals of its genre, but execution counts.

So far, Bravery and Greed’s most unique approach to the genre is the titular concept of “greed”. The ability to steal loot by reviving enemies, or troll teammates by grabbing up the loot before them, is definitely a fun idea. It’s also genuinely amusing, and it likely would’ve been a great benefit for the game to lean towards that humor a bit more.

Still, the game has promise with so many multiplayer features, so it’s best to reserve judgment until launch, and Team17 has published plenty of winners.

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