Brawl Stars releases new Mecha Squad Challenge mode with new rewards

Supercell is introducing a new game mode called Mecha Squad Challenge in Brawl Stars. 

Brawl Stars is a fast-paced, third-person shooter video game where players pit against each other in multiple game modes. Players can choose between numerous characters called Brawlers, which are available in the Shop, the Trophy Road, the Brawl Pass, or Boxes. To make the game more competitive, Supercell creates time-limited modes in “Special Events” to garner rewards. Today, October 5, 2022, Supercell releases Mecha Squad Challenge on Brawl Stars to get the new profile icon.

The Mecha Squad Challenge is a series of challenges where wins will be the basis for earning the reward. A corresponding modifier will be provided for each challenge that is completed. The challenges are as follows:

  • Backyard Bowl – Players must quickly shoot the ball to the goal and defeat enemies to win the match. In this mode, the modifier is “Fast Brawlers.” This modifier increases all Brawlers’ movement speed by 300 points. 
  • X Marks the Spot – The game mode is Knockout. In this mode, the modifier is “Energy Drink.” This modifier can significantly boost the Brawler’s damage and speed for a while. An Energy Drink will occasionally spawn somewhere.
  • Quarter Pounder – Players must conquer the hot zones before the enemy. In this mode, the modifier is “Graveyard Shift.” This modifier is similar to Life Leech Modifier. It can deal damage over time, but dealing damage to enemies will gradually restore Health. 
  • Deeper Danger – The game mode is Bounty. Collect stars by defeating players on the enemy team. In this mode, the modifier is “Super Charge.” This modifier doubles any Brawler’s supercharge rate.

Players will need 12 wins for this challenge to get the Mecha Squad Profile Icon. However, players are limited to a maximum of four defeats. Apart from that, there will also be Power Points, Coins, and Gear Scraps as rewards. The Mecha Squad Profile Icon can also be purchased in the Shop for $0.99

Remember that the challenge will only last for five days, so participate in this event to earn various rewards!

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