Brawlhalla reveals 6.10 Patch Preview

Brawlhalla has decided to reveal some of the quality-of-life changes and balancing updates that are expected to turn up in the next 6.10 patch. The devs even covered the entire preview in a livestream, which premiered on Brawlhalla’s official Twitch account.

Here’s the announcement from Brawlhalla’s Twitter feed, teasing the livestream and preview:

The preview shows off some pretty big updates, such as some new background options, color exclusion, frame drop improvements, and updates for the Ranked UI and render tool.

The new background options will allow players to blur the backgrounds in-game, so that you can follow the combat more easily. If that seems too drastic, you can also simplify the backgrounds so that the animations pause and won’t distract you.

Color exclusion will affect how you see your opponent, automatically displaying your Legend with a “different, more contrasting color scheme” if you resemble another Legend too closely.

These changes will make a serious difference, since every spin on Super Smash Brothers is filled with visual noise. It could also improve accessibility.

The Ranked UI will now display your regional ranking against the top 1000, and a bug will be removed that was causing frame drops. These have always been crucial for games that blend platforming with combat.

The preview also marks the final balancing update before the Brawlhalla World Championship 2022. Gauntlets have been buffed, attack cancel times have been decreased for the Greatsword, and recover times have been altered for the Hammer and Katar.

Asuri’s charge times, Cassidy’s recover time, and Dusk’s recover time have been buffed. But the biggest changes are definitely for Ezio. His momentum bonuses have been increased, Directional Influence has a new angle, and the cooldown times have been greatly increased. For a full list of the smaller balancing details, you can read the complete preview here.

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