Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II reveals new campaign trailer

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has delivered a brand-new cinematic trailer, featuring juicy new details on the premise, antagonist, and heroes. The trailer reminds fans that they can play the campaign early by pre-ordering a digital copy. You can review Call of Duty’s latest trailer on their official YouTube channel here:

The storytelling and mythology of Call of Duty have often been the strong suit of this series, particularly the most recent installment. Modern Warfare arguably combined the most successful elements of everything preceding it.

And fortunately, this trailer suggests that the sequel’s story won’t disappoint anytime soon. It’s clearly consistent with the tone of the first game. This trailer is cinematic enough to relate to the high points of 24, Sicario, Jack Ryan, and other grounded action dramas.

The bold ambiguity and attitude in today’s trailer are straightforward but compelling, thanks to slick writing and genuinely satisfying performances. And that’s just a hint of what’s yet to be revealed. In context, the dialogue and cutscenes will always be even more engaging.

There’s an intriguing mystery, solid characters, and a good sense of scale to the plot. This should allow the campaign levels to smoothly transition between different playstyles, which many are hoping for. It would certainly line up with the unique protagonists.

Although some Call of Duty fans have been offering mixed responses to previous trailers and updates, the majority of players seem pleased overall. Campaigns are becoming increasingly rare in the shooter genre, which is very unfortunate, but it does make Call of Duty stand out.

So, although it may be disappointing that this was billed as a “MWII Launch Gameplay Trailer”, and didn’t provide any gameplay, the cinematic should be satisfying enough. This might just unfold a few arms from skeptical fans.

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