Catch Me!, a chaotic and fast-paced parkour game, is available for Early Access

From ByteRockers’ Games, Catch Me! is a 2D platformer that combines parkour with the game “Tag.” This exciting and chaotic game is now available for Early Access on Steam for USD 5.99.

The official trailer for Catch Me! shows players what they can expect from the game regarding the gameplay graphics and mechanics, parkour, and the environments you can play across. 

Catch Me! is an innovative game that meshes the thrill of playing tag and parkour. This game is an online platformer for four players to play tag. 

Across the various maps in the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, you can use the interactable elements to change the world and block off your opponents. You can stun your pursuers, open alternative escape routes, close windows, hop from roof to roof, or even surf on the subway. The options are endless. 

As the runner, the aim of the game is to earn points by reaching specific locations on the map without getting caught. The chasers, however, must catch the runner. If they do, they become the runner. 

Each level has a race track feel where you simply have to have fun and be as fast as possible. During the Early Access launch, a new level will be added monthly, and new graphic content will be added every two weeks. 

The key features of Catch Me! Include:

  • Online chaos and fun for four players
  • Four maps inspired by cities from around the world, with more coming soon.
  • Several chaotic interactable elements that can change the environment
  • Diverse characters and skins
  • Unique graphics and art style
  • Funky and fun soundtrack
  • An easy-to-learn game that’s hard to master

Embrace the fast-paced parkour chaos in Catch Me!, now available for Early Access on Steam. Be sure to check out our Latest News section for more great content!

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