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Take those free tickets and diamonds with our Chapters Interactive Stories Cheats. There are no limitations when it comes to using a hack generator, just come back again and repeat the process. It can be used on iOS and Android platforms without the need to install any mod or apk files. Play this online free game with as many resources as you need. It’s better that way!

Chapters Interactive Stories Hack Generator

Even though all these games are fun to play, they will include some in-app purchases. Yes, there are tickets and diamonds that you can use to purchase things, but those are hard to come by, and that is why there are various Chapters: Interactive Stories cheats that you can take advantage of.

Get Free Tickets & Diamonds!


With Chapters Interactive Stories Cheats You Get Free Tickets & Diamonds

Since those tickets and diamonds for in-game stores are quite limited and hard to win, you often have to rely on real money in order to complete in-app purchases and enjoy the game to the fullest. However, there is a neat little way to enjoy the game’s content without spending real money. Follow this guide and use the Chapters Interactive Stories hack now!

Chapters Interactive Stories free tickets & diamonds - cheats generator tool

So, to activate this cheat click on the generator button above! Select the number of tickets and diamonds you want and click generate. Enter your game username and choose between iOS and Android platforms. Verify that you are not a robot by downloading a free game or filling out a free survey. Finally, refresh the page and enjoy!

After you have mastered this simple process, you can use the generators for any number of tickets or diamonds, there is no limit, and all that’s left is to enjoy the game and develop your own stories. Feel free to share the page with others!

Chapters Interactive Stories hack proof

About the Game

Mobile gaming is advancing on the market and with innovations comes a great variety of genres of mobile games. Among many other things, we today have this interactive story game called Chapters: Interactive Stories.

What is great about this is that you can choose from a large number of story genres to play and choose your own path in each story. For all those who adore books, there is even reading through pages and pages of interactive stories that you can choose according to your mood and preferences; everything from romance to suspense. The genres this game includes are romance, sci-fi, young adult, comedy, fantasy, and drama. Each story is a unique combination of style and your own choices to build the story in the game.

Among many features, Chapters: Interactive Stories game offers a wide variety of chapters, including:

  • Billionaire Next Door – hit series by New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author
  • Vampire Girl – paranormal romance, USA Today bestseller
  • Kidnapping the Princess – drama suspense LGBT
  • The Boy I Hate – unforgettable romance
  • Robin Hood – original story

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