Clanfolk vs Rimworld – Notable Differences!

Clanfolk is a brand new medieval colony sim that puts you in charge of a struggling clan in the Scottish Highlands. Starting with nothing but an empty plot of land and your immediate family, it’s up to you to tame the world around you and create a clan that will last the ages. Very similar to Rimworld, players of the sci-fi colony sim often wonder what the differences between the two are. In this article, we’ll go over everything that Clanfolk does differently to Rimworld.

What’s the difference between Clanfolk and Rimworld?

Clanfolk is obviously inspired by Rimworld. Trying to ignore the similarities is foolish. Since its 2013 release date, nothing quite like Rimworld has taken its place on the market as a deep and challenging colony sim. The creators of Clanfolk are clearly fans of Rimworld, with even the game’s top-down perspective and pawn-like characters being inspired by Rimworld, but Clanfolk is no Rimworld reskin, with many gameplay features that firmly separate it from Rimworld.

First off, there is no combat in Clanfolk. You won’t be fighting off raiders or mechanoid monsters, the entire game is about your trial to survive the wilderness. Your biggest foe in Clanfolk will be the harsh winter, which is historically one of mankind’s greatest enemies.

Unlike Rimworld, your clan members in Clanfolk don’t have social relationships. You won’t see any rivalries forming between your clan members like you would between colonists in Rimworld.

The biggest thing that separates Rimworld and Clanfolk is the idea behind the gameplay. In Rimworld, you run a colony that’s simply trying to escape the planet you’re stuck on. There is no next generation in Rimworld, you simply play with who you have.

In Clanfolk, there is no escape. You’re building a home for your family that’s meant to last generations. You expand your family tree through marriage, birth, death and inheritance, making a lasting home on your plot of given land and trying to build a clan that will survive the tests of time.

That’s everything different between Clanfolk and Rimworld! Leave a comment below telling us about your Clan or Rimworld colony, and check out our other game guides.

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