Clash of Clans reveals new Spell Tower and Monolith for Town Hall 15

Clash of Clans is adding a new Spell Tower and Monolith to Town Hall 15.

Supercell has previously been teasing the Town Hall 15 update that will be coming to Clash of Clans soon. Now, further details about the update are being revealed one at a time, starting with the Magical color palettes. Among the features that Town Hall 15 will bring are two brand new defenses – Spell Tower and Monolith. Through these new defenses, base building will be even more exciting 

Recently, Clash of Clans posted a trailer of the new Spell Tower and Monolith defenses, providing an in-depth look at their capabilities once they were installed in a player’s base. The trailer indicates that the Monolith inflicts terror on a single target and causes greater damage to troops that have a high health pool, while Spell Towers have the ability to ravage with rage spells and slow with poison spells. Watch the Monolith & Spell Towers: New Town Hall 15 Defenses trailer, courtesy of Clash of Clans’ official Youtube Channel:

Players have the ability to choose which spell their Spell Tower will perform while protecting their base as it levels up. Spell Towers get imbued with more Spells as they level up. Rage Spell is automatically thrown by the Spell Tower at level 1, providing neighboring Defenses and Units with a boost. At Level 2, players may set the Spell Tower to unleash a Poison Spell at surrounding foes. At Level 3, the Spell Tower will cast Invisibility, enabling adjacent defensive troops and structures to be momentarily hidden from view. Players will be able to install two Spell Towers in their Home Village if they upgrade to Town Hall 15, which unlocks the ability to do so.

Meanwhile, Monolith is a tank-killing Defense constructed and upgraded with Dark Elixir. Even though its origins are a mystery, there is no question as to whether or not it is an effective weapon because of its capacity to wreak havoc on hostile troops. Although each shot from the Monolith will deal a base-level amount of damage, it can also do additional bonus damage based on a percentage of the target’s maximum hit points. This makes the Monolith a very dangerous weapon to use against units with a high maximum hit point total, such as tanks or Heroes.

Find out more details about the new Spell Tower and Monolith defenses as posted on the Clash of Clans subreddit! 

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