Colossal Cave Adventure remake announced for Switch in new trailer

Colossal Cave: Reimagined has officially announced a Nintendo Switch release in a new trailer, including narration that covers key plot and mechanics alongside new gameplay footage. No launch date has been confirmed, although the title can be wishlisted now.

You can watch the full trailer on IGN’s YouTube channel here:

Colossal Cave: Reimagined is a deep cut to one of the oldest video games in the industry. The original game, Colossal Cave Adventure, was a text-based exploration game, so a 3D remake was probably due.

But this IP is niche, to say the least, and the passion project will probably be more of a curiosity to modern gamers. It’ll be interesting to see how new audiences respond.

Many of the mechanics that Colossal Cave inspired have been perfected and elaborated on since its inception. The charm of the game is its text-based genre, so although adding 3D content would be nice for the fans, it could also lose the retro experience that makes it so beloved.

Still, it’s clear that the creators care about the game very much. So, this remake should at least invite newcomers, who will also have a more accessible way to play an important chapter of gaming history.

It also comes at the perfect time to indulge virtual reality technology. Until now, the only footage that curious gamers have had is the teaser trailer from last month. This teaser promised that Colossal would be available on PC and Meta Quest 2 VR. You can watch the teaser on YouTube here:

The key creative behind the remake is Roberta Williams, best known for working on titles like Phantasmagoria and Black Cauldron. She’s got a clear understanding of the genre, and if you want to see more about the process and approach for Colossal Cave: Reimagined, you can watch a brief video about it on the game’s official YouTube page:

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