Cookie Run: Kingdom announces Candy Diver Cookie to arrive in next update

Cookie Run: Kingdom announces Candy Diver Cookie to arrive in next update

In conjunction with the launch of the Legend of the Duskgloom Sea update in Cookie Run: Kingdom, new Cookies were introduced to the game, in addition to those that have not yet been made available. After Captain Caviar Cookie’s failed attempt to navigate around a ship and respond to his submarine’s sonar, the upcoming character, Candy Diver Cookie, makes their first appearance in episode 5 of the Explore the Black Pearl Islands story.

Recently, Cookie Run: Kingdom announced that the friendly and curious Candy Diver Cookie will arrive along with Squid Ink Cookie’s Magic Candy in the next update. The uncensored design of Candy Diver Cookie was first officially revealed not in-game but rather through Devsisters’ presentation in the 2022 GameSpot Swipe Mobile Showcase, in which their initial character concept art is displayed. Additionally, the feature revealed that they would become playable in the not-too-distant future, even before any official Cookie Run: Kingdom social media platforms revealed such.

Candy Diver uses “They” and “Them” pronouns. Moreover, Candy Diver Cookie is the first non-verbal character. They only generate bubbling and metallic noises to communicate. As such, Candy Diver Cookie is able to communicate via a variety of motions and gestures which are transcribed as various Unicode symbols.

Candy Diver Cookie has an Epic rarity. They also take on the Support role and Rear position. Candy Diver Cookie is the third Cookie to be published in this update, following the release of Captain Caviar Cookie and Black Pearl Cookie. Squid Ink Cookie is the fourth Cookie to be released in the Legend of the Doomgloom Sea update.

Candy Diver Cookie will be available on September 27, 2022 [GMT +9]. So far, there are still no available details on the best build or toppings for Candy Diver Cookie. In any case, it will be exciting to what they may bring in the next update.

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