Cult of the Lamb reveals Special Reserve Pre-Orders and Collectibles

Cult of the Lamb has officially announced that physical editions of the game will become available on August 11th, 2022. The reserves will be available for Switch and PlayStation 5 users, and each bundle will include a variety of collectibles.

Here’s the announcement from indie devs Massive Monster, including a promo image of the upcoming reserves as well as the “Single” options:

Cult of the Lamb’s “Single” editions will simply include a hard copy of the game with a reversible jacket. However, the special reserves will include a lot more, including all of the DLC of the game.

As a result, the special reserves won’t ship until Quarter 2 of 2023, even though the retail version of the game is scheduled for Quarter 1. The official product page even advises fans to “place a separate order for preorder items”.

However, the reserves are definitely enticing, beginning with unique packaging. In addition to the reversible jacket, it will have custom metallic paper. It’s both embossed and debossed, meaning it’s both raised and depressed for a 3D effect.

The copy will also be sequentially numbered, signed by the developers themselves, and features spot UV treatment.

Fans will also receive an old school 32-page instruction manual with full color art. You can enjoy even more of the game’s artwork with an exclusive 4″ x 6″ Art Card, which is metallic paper with foil treatment, and “one in a series”.

Lastly, players can get a Steam code for a digital download of the original soundtrack. The game definitely has unique music, as featured in some of the “Sermons from the Lamb” videos that have shown up over the last couple of weeks.

These videos explained how the game works, so if you’ve missed out, you can check out an official compilation of all three “sermons”:

You can read more about Cult of the Lamb and other indie hits by checking out our news section!

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