Cuphead trailer teases physical Standard and Collector’s Editions

Cuphead, the notoriously difficult and massively popular run-and-gun inspired by old-fashioned cartoons, has just released a new trailer for upcoming physical editions of the 2017 classic. The Standard Physical Edition will be available on December 6th, 2022, while the Collector’s Edition is scheduled for a release window of Q1 2023.

Both editions are available for pre-order now. You can watch a clever “cinematic” trailer for the upcoming editions on Skybound Games’ YouTube channel here:

The editions were originally announced about two weeks ago to celebrate Cuphead’s 5th anniversary. But this trailer is really something special, and it also finally confirms the release windows for each edition.

Sadly, the Standard Edition may not justify a purchase, despite offering a few knick-knacks that actually fit the game. The interior artwork is brilliant, but the regular cover art is surprisingly plain for a five-year-old game.

It’s unfortunate that the superior Collector’s Edition still doesn’t have a concrete date, but a window is appreciated, nonetheless. At least the copies will be available surprisingly soon after the Standard Edition launches.

Today’s little cinematic is a brilliant little video that transcends marketing, indulging everything that makes Cuphead appealing. It’s a real treat for fans, with a signature sense of humor and tactile personality.

The presentation really goes the extra mile, every bit as charming and creative as the games themselves. It even includes some fitting music, which plays a large role in the immersion of its universe. This is reinforced by the upcoming release of the Cuphead 2XLP and DLC soundtrack, which are wrapped up in vintage packaging and artwork. These are also available for pre-order now.

The puppets in today’s trailer are also an appropriate nod for the Collector’s Edition release, which is set to include a handcrafted marionette that’s “fully puppetable”, according to an official post.

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