Curve Games has revealed the titles coming to Gamescom

Curve Games, the indie publishers behind Embr and Lawn Mowing Simulator, have officially announced which games they’re bringing to Gamescom 2022. These include Golf Gang, For the King, Human Fall Flat, Patch Quest, Blooming Business Casino, and Block’Em.

Here’s the big reveal from Curve Games’ feed, which adds that the team will also bring exclusive demos, info and surprises:

Gamescom 2022 is a massive gaming festival, which is going to run between August 23rd and August 28th this year. It’s a big opportunity for smaller teams to show off their latest news too. For example, Humble Games announced their titles a couple of weeks ago.

Curve Games title breakdown

Human Fall Flat is arguably the star of the show here. This puzzle game is perfect for co-op gameplay, and features ragdoll physics that’s both hilarious and adorable.

The puzzles are unpredictable and have multiple answers. There’s also been more platforming in the last few updates. The Red Rock update just hit consoles on August 1st, adding yet another level. It would be great to see where this title goes next.

Golf Gang is a fast-paced racing version of minigolf, featuring both solo runs and 8-player online matches. It only just launched three months ago, so there may not be too many surprises there, but fresh content would definitely be welcome.

For the King is a roguelike strategy RPG, with an adventure to end chaos that includes cooperative gameplay. Patch Quest blends a variety of mechanics together, but it’s basically an open-world shooter with monsters.

Block’Em and Blooming Business Casino are the only titles that haven’t released already. The former is a block-building party game due September 8th 2022, while the latter is a casino simulator with no clear release date. These titles are most likely to have the biggest announcements.

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