Daily Themed Crossword December 1 2022 Answers (12/1/22)

The Daily Themed Crossword is available as a mobile app on both iOS and Android devices. It has become a popular crossword app due to its regular crossword offerings and difficulty level (not too easy, not too difficult, generally). They release a new crossword each day, every day of the year, and each crossword has a theme and allows for hints in case an answer involves a more obscure word. This post shares all of the answers to the Daily Themed Crossword published December 1 2022. Please view today’s Daily Themed Crossword Answers for most recent answers.

Daily Themed Crossword Solution Guide

Here are all of the answers for this recently published Daily Themed Crossword. You can check out more of our Daily Themed Crossword Answers for our full coverage. Click/tap on the appropriate clue to get the answer. (We have done it this way so that if you’re just looking for a handful of clues, you won’t spoil other ones you’re working on!)

  • Cosmopolitan or Vogue, for short
  • Squishy potato side dish
  • Pie ___ mode: 2 wds.
  • Kind of a sad story
  • “___ come…”: 2 wds.
  • Shatters into pieces, as glass
  • Ray-___ (sunglasses manufacturer)
  • Alternative to MSN: Abbr.
  • “Inferno” first word
  • Sydney’s nation, for short
  • Muhammad with gloves
  • Cooked-up story
  • “___ show time!”
  • ___ vera (medicinal succulent)
  • Sushi eggs
  • Dennis ___, “A Dog’s Purpose” actor who voiced Jaeger Clade in the 2022 film “Strange World”
  • “___ smoking” (stop smoking)
  • ___ Union, “Bad Boys II” actress who voiced Meridian Clade in the 2022 film “Strange World”
  • Blood boiling state
  • “Gross!”
  • Utilizes, as an oven
  • “It’s the end of an ___”
  • NYC’s job-creating organization: Abbr. (anagram of “paw”)
  • ___ beta kappa
  • Hog’s lounge
  • Sharp pitched cry
  • Weed plucker
  • ___ and columns
  • Jaboukie Young-___, “Dating & New York” actor who voiced Ethan Clade in the 2022 film “Strange World”
  • ___ Square (NYC plaza)
  • Geological periods
  • “This is ___ good to be true”
  • Golf course cover
  • Double-reed symphony member
  • Fender bender result, perhaps
  • “Raining cats and dogs” or “once in a blue moon,” e.g.
  • Comfy footwear, for short
  • Archer’s wood (anagram of “wye”)
  • “___ good boy”: 2 wds. (parent’s instruction)
  • Silly or foolish, e.g.
  • Letters after “L”
  • Part one of a way to wish loved ones during Christmas and New Years
  • ___ on (urged on)
  • “How ___ you feeling?”
  • “Hellboy” actress Blair
  • First key on a keyboard
  • Part two of a way to wish loved ones during Christmas and New Years
  • Philadelphia Eagles’ group: Abbr.
  • Feeling down (rhymes with “plum”)
  • Hair stylist’s gooey material
  • Dallas Cowboys’ organization: Abbr.
  • Luxury vehicle brand with a cat logo, for short
  • ___ Gyllenhaal, “Nightcrawler” actor who voiced Searcher Clade in the 2022 film “Strange World”
  • Top-class shot in tennis
  • Actor Harington from “Game of Thrones”
  • Pedicures’ partner at a spa
  • ___ Grill (dog food brand)
  • Slangy “no”
  • “…Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-___” (Irish lullaby)
  • Quarterback Manning
  • “The Simpsons” disco guy
  • Word following “citric” or “lactic”
  • “The Longest Ride” actor Alda
  • Type of milkshake (rhymes with “salt”)
  • “___ Lost!”
  • “___ sells seashells…”
  • Lucy ___, “Charlie’s Angels” actress who voiced the character Callisto Mal in the 2022 film “Strange World”

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