Daily Themed Crossword November 7 2022 Answers (11/7/22)

The Daily Themed Crossword is available as a mobile app on both iOS and Android devices. It has become a popular crossword app due to its regular crossword offerings and difficulty level (not too easy, not too difficult, generally). They release a new crossword each day, every day of the year, and each crossword has a theme and allows for hints in case an answer involves a more obscure word. This post shares all of the answers to the Daily Themed Crossword published November 7 2022. Please view today’s Daily Themed Crossword Answers for most recent answers.

Daily Themed Crossword Solution Guide

Here are all of the answers for this recently published Daily Themed Crossword. You can check out more of our Daily Themed Crossword Answers for our full coverage. Click/tap on the appropriate clue to get the answer. (We have done it this way so that if you’re just looking for a handful of clues, you won’t spoil other ones you’re working on!)

  • Cawing bird
  • DJ’s stacks Abbr.
  • Flightless bird that is extinct
  • Crystal ball studier
  • “The Wizard of Oz” production studio Abbr.
  • “So tasty!”
  • ___-and-greet
  • ___ Lisa (Leonardo da Vinci painting)
  • Sheep’s cry
  • Heart rate count Abbr.
  • Instagram upload, for short
  • “I Have a Dream” speaker Abbr.
  • Sushi roll eggs
  • Earth prefix
  • Pro bono
  • Not pass in math, say
  • Poetic homage
  • Had breakfast, say
  • Word said at an altar?
  • ___ of lamb (specific cut of lamb)
  • “Favourite ___ Nightmare,” 2007 second studio album by the rock band Arctic Monkeys
  • Sizzling grill sound
  • Tailor’s measuring accessory
  • Scoreboard counts, for short
  • Use a needle and thread, for one
  • Calendar division
  • “___ Picker,” 2007 song by the rock band Arctic Monkeys
  • Two a day for five days, e.g.
  • Force unit
  • Short sharp cry
  • Former Ford product, for short
  • “Talking to the Moon” singer Bruno
  • Part of McDonald’s logo?
  • Tabula ___ (clean slate)
  • Snake-like swimmers
  • Loan repay option Abbr.
  • Spongy air-filled organ
  • Santana’s “___ Como Va”
  • Historical period
  • Cassowary relative
  • NBC weekend sketch comedy show Abbr.
  • Pepsi alternatives Abbr.
  • ___ Lanka
  • Banana peel, for one
  • Nutella container
  • Safari transport, mostly
  • “Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your ___,” 2011 single by rock band Arctic Monkeys
  • Annoy or irritate
  • India’s beach state
  • ___-Wan Kenobi from “Star Wars”
  • “___ and Morty” (sitcom)
  • Hibernation site for a bear, perhaps
  • “Do I Wanna ___?” 2013 song by the rock band Arctic Monkeys
  • “___ It On All or Nothing”
  • Member of a people in southeast Nigeria
  • El ___ (adverse climate effect)
  • “When the Sun ___ Down,” 2006 song by the rock band Arctic Monkeys
  • Fireplace wood
  • “I Bet You ___ Good on the Dancefloor,” 2005 single released by the rock band Arctic Monkeys
  • “Unlock” to Robert Frost
  • To make a choice
  • Opposed to?
  • ___ truck (after breakdown car mover)
  • Tinder’s brief description, for short
  • What north is to south, for short
  • “Hinky Dinky Parlay ___?”
  • ___ and only
  • “Let’s ___ Loud” (Jennifer Lopez song)
  • “How gross!”
  • “Help, we’re sinking!” Abbr.

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