Data miner reveals new skins for Marvel’s Avengers

Image: Crystal Dynamics / Marvel

Marvel’s Avengers is the only game on the market right now that gives players the opportunity to play as the cast of the hit Avengers franchise. With playable characters like Thor and Captain America, the modern game scratches the itch many players have after playing the original Marvel: Ultimate Alliance games in the era of the PS2. Fans of the game have some new content to look forward to, as a data miner has discovered several highly requested skins hidden in the game’s files.

Twitter user @mmmmmmmmiller discovered these games in the latest patch for the Avengers game, meaning they should be available soon for purchase. These cosmetics can be applied to the applicable characters, and changes their appearance during gameplay. These particular skins have been highly rated by the community, showing that the developers have been paying attention to player feedback when working on new content for the now two-year-old game.

The first of these cosmetics shows off Captain America in his highly requested Winter Soldier costume, which coincides with the reveal that Bucky Barnes (Aka The Winter Soldier) will be joining the cast of the Avengers game soon.

Next, we get Hawkeye, the expert archer, in his iconic comic book outfit. This style has a lot less edge than his MCU design, which I feel fits his character much more.

Lastly, we have a Thor skin that closely resembles his appearance in the classic ps2 game, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

Expect to see these skins available to purchase in Marvel’s Avengers soon, likely released alongside the Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier release. Leave a comment below letting us know what you think about these skins, and check out our other posts for more gaming leaks and rumors.

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