Dead by Daylight reveals Customs Bots, Tougher Bans in final 2022 Dev Update

Dead by Daylight has officially released their last dev update of the year, featuring loads of new information ahead of next month’s 6.4.0 update. Changes include longer Temporary Bans, Bots in custom matches, and improved matchmaking. There will also be smaller tweaks for the flashlight and graphics. Here’s the announcement from Dead by Daylight’s feed:

Adding Bots to custom matches will make the game so much more accessible for newcomers. Although the lengthy official blog makes it clear that Killers will take a little longer to develop due to their unique powers, it’ll be a major relief to fill out lobbies and keep custom matches between friends.

There are fewer opportunities to learn or master the game when your teammates are either outright experts, or perhaps worse than you. Once Killers enter the game this way, it’ll be significantly easier to practice without getting crushed by experts. After all, this game has been out for some time now.

Similarly, the updates for matchmaking will also make a serious difference. Proper matchmaking has proven to be an elusive feature for most AAA titles, and now Dead by Daylight promises to add in Team Based Ratings and ratings that acknowledge extended breaks. The latter will benefit all of the players that recently returned to the game for the Halloween season.

Team Based Ratings sounds very promising, because rewarding the overall performance will encourage teamwork. Although some players will try to coast along, it should smooth out issues with martyrdom.

Meanwhile, temporary bans have escalated quickly, basically doubling or tripling the previous punishments. It seems odd for players to even bother cheating in such a small and enjoyable game, but it certainly happens. And with so few players in a match, it can be especially noticeable and insufferable.

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