Dead by Daylight reveals Resident Evil: PROJECT W update

Dead by Daylight continues to have legs thanks to its constant improvements and additional content, and a new trailer has just been released for a Resident Evil crossover. This update will introduce the famous Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers as new survivors, and beloved villain Albert Wesker as the next Killer.

You can watch the full trailer for Dead by Daylight’s Resident Evil: Project W on the game’s official YouTube channel here:

Resident Evil is still one of the most treasured horror game franchises in the industry, and aside from its creative mythology and lore, the unique characters are a large reason for its success. That’s why the series continues to get live-action adaptations, even if they don’t seem to please fans or casual viewers alike.

The new trailer for the Dead by Daylight crossover is a cinematic, showing off a Raccoon City Police Department, as well as some of the abilities and performances that fans should expect from Albert Wesker.

Only two voice lines show up, but they pretty much nail the character. That authenticity makes a big difference when players main Wesker, since immersion plays such a large role in the game by making players feel like their favorite horror villains.

Albert Wesker is famous for injecting himself with the virus and gaining supernatural abilities, and in the trailer his hand does transform into monstrous tentacles that should provide all kinds of creative attacks in-game.

Ada Wong is an Asian-American spy who first showed up in Resident Evil 2, while Rebecca Chambers is a biochemistry expert who appeared in the very first entry of the series back in 1996.

With such well-known characters to survive and kill with, longtime fans were instantly pleased, and newcomers that might otherwise avoid the genre will definitely join in.

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