DeadDrop, Dr. Disrespect’s upcoming shooter, officially announced

Image: Midnight Society

Dr. Disrespect is a well-known content-creator and streamer, who announced not too long ago that he would be founding the new AAA Game Studio known as, Midnight Society. This isn’t too surprising as Guy Beahm, the man behind the Dr. Disrespect character, is a former level designer at Sledgehammer Games. He will now take those skills and look to implement them into the first creation of his studio which has been revealed to be DeadDrop.

The game was announced at an event hosted by Midnight Society. DeadDrop is described as, “the first vertical extraction shooter”, which calls to mind games like Escape from Tarkov and Hunt: Showdown. While many details are unknown at the moment, some early gameplay has been released of the game which you can view below.

Some of the game that was shown was an area where you can shoot at various targets to earn a score and practice your aim. You then move through a door and out into the world which has a very cyberpunk-ish vibe to it. A helicopter menaces you from above and you are surrounded by tall buildings.

Once you head down the player engages in another target practice area, but this time you move through the environment as red-eyed targets pop out from various locations.

While this is very early on in the process the atmosphere that the game creates is very interesting and looks fairly unique overall. This is definitely a step in the right direction, but we will have to wait and see where the game ends up as it continues through development.

If you want to stay up-to-date with the game, we recommend you follow the Midnight Society and DeadDrop Twitter accounts.

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