Deathverse: Let it Die postponed to Fall 2022

Deathverse, a sequel to the outlandish and addictive RPG Let it Die, has now been delayed until Fall 2022 instead of Spring. The game will be available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and no concrete release date has been confirmed yet.

Here’s the official statement from PlayStation’s feed, which adds that some new info and art has been released to cushion any fan disappointment:

Developed by Supertrick Games, best known for the No More Heroes series, the original Let it Die first launched six years ago for PlayStation and PC.

Its combat has a few similarities to Dark Souls, and offered loads of creative, bizarre horror elements. It also had one of the best soundtracks in the genre, which is arguably one of the main reasons for its runaway success.

Unlike the first game, where players fought through a linear tower, the sequel Deathverse: Let it Die has turned out to have Battle Royale mechanics. As a result, the fans have been fairly disappointed.

You can judge for yourself by checking out eight minutes of footage, which was released on IGN in June 2022:

Still, some fans are simply happy to get more content in the series, which had a clever premise and fun gameplay. According to the official blog post today, delaying the sequel was “due to the results from the open beta”.

If the devs are truly responding to the feedback from their open beta, this could mean serious changes by Fall 2022. Hopefully, the game may find a proper balance between establishing the new direction for the series and revisiting classic gameplay.

The core issue with fans is mainly the lack of wild ideas, whereas the new genre partly takes away from the engaging story and feels less surprising. Still, a Battle Royale system could fit the survival horror elements of the original.

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