Deliver Us Mars explains key plot details and casting secrets in new dev diary

Deliver Us Mars has just released their second dev diary, revealing more backstory and behind the scenes details for the anticipated sequel to Deliver us the Moon. The new footage explains some important themes for the new story, and how the creators cast the main character.

You can watch the full Dev Diary, titled “Earth’s Last Hope”, from Deliver Us Mars’ official Twitter feed:

The new developer diary begins by elaborating on the title, which is meant to be a metaphorical phrase asking for a solution to a better future. Players will attempt to travel to Mars in hopes of finding a way to heal Earth from disastrous climate change effects in the future.

Despite the visual and thematic ambition, the story continues to be character-driven, focusing on an estranged daughter and father relationship. It’s not even clear if the father is still alive, which will be one of the key mysteries in the game.

So, it’s only natural that the casting process was very thorough for protagonist Kathy Johanson. Ultimately, they settled on Ellise Chappell, who clearly understands and loves her character. And she put in a lot of effort, since the devs have revealed that every single shot of the game was filmed by hand.

Clearly, ambition is the key word for Deliver Us Mars, as the new diary concludes by focusing on how much passion and content was poured into the upcoming installment. This includes an increased play length, even more mechanics, and the best technological creation they can muster.

There are some new glimpses of gameplay, but nothing too revealing. They’re mostly beauty shots of some landscapes, but the variety is appreciated. Players will have gorgeous deserts, night-time scenes and snowy craters.

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