Deliver Us Mars has been delayed until February 2023

Deliver Us Mars is the latest game to delay their previous release date for more polishing, acknowledge the fans’ disappointment, and soften the blow any way they can.

The game is now expected to launch on February 2nd, 2023, instead of September 27th, 2022. The devs were also kind enough to promise a brand-new trailer for next week’s Gamescom on August 24th, 2022. Here’s the full statement from Deliver Us Mars’ official Twitter feed:

Deliver Us Mars is being published by Frontier Developments, who are best known for Elite Dangerous and the Jurassic World Evolution series.

It’s also being developed by a very small team, whose only other title is the previous game Deliver us the Moon. So, it was wise for the devs to take their time and continue establishing a positive bond with their fans.

It was also important to acknowledge the ambition in their sequel. All of the continuing updates for Deliver Us Mars show off new technology and improvements to the foundation of the storytelling and experience. If these new features didn’t feel satisfying, it would compromise the whole game.

As usual, the majority of fans have shown their support for the move. Gamers can be very patient, as long as the results speak for themselves.

The fanbase has also praised the communication, which has resulted in a variety of much larger titles adding transparency. It’s kind of surprising how long it took for some AAA devs to figure out that speaking openly about delays can go a long way.

Deliver Us Mars is set ten years after the first game, and players follow a distress signal to Mars, aiming to recover colony ships and rescue humankind. The story will also balance out these giant ideas and adventures with a personal family story, akin to Interstellar or Ad Astra.

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