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The great thing about this game is that it can be even better with our amazing Design Home cheats generator tool which can provide you with unlimited free diamonds. This free hack is available on both iOS and Android platforms and you don’t need to install any unnecessary mod or apk files.

Home Design Hack – Use Free Diamonds Generator

For a better game experience use Home Design Cheats. There are no limitations when it comes to using our hack, you just come back whenever you need more diamonds and use the generator tool. It is simple, free and most importantly it is 100% safe! On how to use it read below.

Get Free Diamonds!


How to Use Home Design Cheats? – Step by Step Guide

You are just a few steps away from being rich with unlimited diamonds. Use the generator and save money in the process!

Design Home hack generator for free diamonds

Click on the generator button above. Choose the number of free diamonds you want and click generate. Enter you’re game username and select the platform between iOS and Android. Verify that you’re not a robot by downloading a free game or filling out a free survey. Finally, refresh the game and that is it! Now you can enjoy just playing and not focusing on mindless grinding like in so many other games.

There are two currencies in Design Home, cash and diamonds. For some reason, developers never bother to explain, some items you can buy with cash, but others with diamonds only. There is seemingly no rhyme or reason to it, and it feels very random at times, but you don’t really have a choice about it. For example, two almost identical sofas can be sold for a different currency, one for cash, and the other for diamonds. Since nobody has yet determined the reason for this, it is best not to dwell too much on it and just accept the fact that you will need both cash and diamonds to create your masterpieces. And since we have provided you with an easy way of getting all the diamonds you will ever need, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Design Home cheats proof

About Home Design

Design Home is a great game for all budding interior designers out there, as well as for people who just enjoy fitting out homes. Although launched back in 2016, the game’s popularity exploded during the initial pandemic lockdowns, when it had more than a million daily active players. The inclusion of real-world brands and objects has already resulted in several homes equipped based on the designs created in the game. That is one of the reasons why the game is so popular, especially among the young people dreaming about their first home.

You start as a novice interior designer, fresh from school. As such, you won’t get many high-end gigs, at least not until you build up your portfolio, just like in real life. The first tasks you get are fairly simple, but get progressively harder and more demanding. Tasks are essentially quests, imaginatively titled “Goodbye UK”, “Hello Singapore!”, “First Georgian Home”, “Palace by the sea”, “Townhouse on Beacon Hill”, or something similar.

Each task comes with a set of specific instructions you must follow, like using a floral armchair or pair a modern Arhaus bed with a black metal desk. This allows for relaxed gameplay, which still provides a dose of competitiveness due to specific demands. As you progress in your career, you will unlock more expensive pieces of furniture, many of which you can also buy in real life. Big interior design names, like Kathy Kuo, are represented in the game and you can buy their furniture for your projects.

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